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Child Safety


Florida Community Bank Hosts Sneaker Drive for Child Abuse Prevention Month in April

WESTON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, Florida Community Bank Financial Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: FCB), is raising awareness by hosting a children’s sneaker donation drive at all FCB banking centers in the month of April. The children’s sneakers collected will be donated to local charities supporting children in foster care.

“At Florida Community Bank we are very passionate about aiding the communities we live and serve, and is proud to collect sneakers for children of all ages to make a difference in Florida foster care organizations”

FCB rolled out its “Year of the Child,” company-wide philanthropy initiative in 2015, which focuses on supporting local children in foster care. Since its launch, FCB employees have raised more than $28,000 to support the cause, and continue their commitment to children by bringing awareness to the issue of child abuse prevention.

“At Florida Community Bank we are very passionate about aiding the communities we live and serve, and is proud to collect sneakers for children of all ages to make a difference in Florida foster care organizations,” stated Kent Ellert, President and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Community Bank.

On Friday, April 28, FCB invites customers and members of the community to visit any FCB banking center and join FCB team members in wearing blue in support and to enjoy complimentary refreshments and goodies while supplies last. Blue is the designated color of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

For more information on FCB’s philanthropic efforts or to find a local FCB banking center, visit

Orlando leaders rock blue-painted fingernail in fight against child abuse “MANicure Movement” fights against child abuse

March 31, 2017 

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando residents may see a new men’s fashion trend around town on Friday: a single blue fingernail.

In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, men and women gathered at Orlando City Hall to participate in the launch of the first ever “MANicure Movement.”

All participants who attend the movement will have one fingernail painted in “prevention blue” to serve as a symbol of the fight against child abuse.

This movement is part of Community Based Care of Central Florida’s new initiative to help raise awareness of violence against children as a national health crisis.

One in five children will experience physical, psychological, or sexual abuse before the age of 18, according to the Community Based Care of Central Florida.

Leaders from business, government, law enforcement, media and faith organizations were represented, according to the report.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orlando police Chief John Mina are among those leaders who attended. A spokesperson for Dyer said the Mayor got his pointer finger painted blue.

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Child Protective Investigator Arrested

The DCF Investigator, Brittanee Sharmayne Carter, 27 was arrested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on an arrest warrant. Carter is accused of falsifying records, lying in an ongoing sexual abuse investigation. Carter was charged with two felony counts of altering or destroying the records. An investigation of sexual abuse to a child, Carter stated she visited the child at elementary schools when in fact, that was falsified.

LES NEUHAUS (2017, Feb 20). Florida child protection investigator arrested for lying in possible sex abuse case. Retrieved from


Police technology -just got better.

Imagine going to a scene knowing who resides at that house and all the neighbors. The technology is already being used in some departments by FirstTwo who developed the app. The information is pulled from social media and neatly combined into an application for law enforcement and fire department agencies.

Technology just got better!



Scientific Method Applied to Forensic Science

Excellent article on Reconstruction

Justice and Security

The procedure by which scientists, communally and over periods, attempt to assemble a precise interpretation of the world, is referred to as the scientific method.  The desired result is that of an unswerving, non-capricious and consistent portrayal.  Perceptions and interpretations of natural phenomena can be influenced by personal and cultural beliefs; however, the application of criteria and standard procedures assists in the minimization of these archetypal persuasions while developing a theory.  The scientific method attempts to reduce the presence of prejudice or bias in the assessor when examining theories and hypotheses.

The scientific method is comprised of four steps:

“1) observation and description of a phenomenon or group of phenomena; 2)  formulation of a hypothesis (or hypotheses) to explain the phenomena; 3)  use of the hypothesis to predict the existence of other phenomena, or to predict quantitatively the results of new observations; and

4) performance of experimental tests of the…

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Florida Child Protection News for January 2017

Florida Child Protection News is gathered for KARA by Dr. Denise R. Womer, Ph.D., a former law enforcement officer for 17 years and former DCF Investigator for the State of Florida. Dr. Womer has taught in higher education for 14 years and currently is a Professor for Kaplan University teaching in the School of Social and Behavior Sciences.

In Florida, fourteen news articles reviewed revealed infants and children suffered either abuse, neglect, or death from parents and or their caretakers. These parents or caretakers were discovered in some cases to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, engaged in some form of domestic violence, left an infant or children unsupervised or intentionally physically assaulted the victim. This is only part of the story in Florida.

A Florida Law Professor at the University of Florida of Florida Levin College of Law who helps run the school’s Center for Children and Families was arrested Tuesday and charged with child abuse. Joseph Steven Jackson, 59, of Gainesville, tried to punch the child, a girl in her early teens, in the face during an argument, but the girl backed away as he swung, the arrest report says. The strike was a glancing blow, and the victim was not injured.

Also, results of a federal study examined the Florida Department of Children and Families foster care cases services released findings of foster care services. The agency found between April to September 2016 more than half of the children removed in 80 cases were placed in foster homes were without services and without following all safety plans. Florida in 2005, contracted out services to 17 different private service providers. The agency has 90 days to correct the deficiencies. The agency has already called all service providers around the table to find ways to rectify the issues in the federal review.

Next, the Florida Department Children and Families (DCF) also receives calls of human trafficking of children. A 54% increase from the previous year showed a total of 1,892 reports. The increase per DCF was due to increased training and screening tools developed between DCF, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and the Attorney General. DCF tracks human trafficking by three primary categories: sexual exploitation by a non-caregiver, such as an adult entertainment club or escort service; sexual exploitation by a parent, guardian, or caregiver; and labor trafficking per the Associated Press.

The Florida Department of Children and Families state website reports all child fatalities within the state. Causes of deaths are still under investigation. What was not found in the news throughout the state indicated 23 children have died due to abuse and neglect.